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Angels in our Midst (Taking a Stand Against Bullying)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
PENSACOLA - When they heard the story of the young man who jumped from a bridge to end his torment from cyber bullying, they said enough was enough.
His story could easily be theirs, so this is the movement they're starting at Bellview Middle School.

Samantha Sinnett;  You don't really understand, like, how bad it gets and how much it hurts. Others may not, but these students do understand the pain of bullying.  They live it too.

Aaron Broadus, bullied since 5th grade;  I myself am missing a pinky.  I was bullied about that.  Called names and all of that.   

Taylor Nicholson, Victim of Bullying;  I've always been bullied about how dark I was compared to other kids.

Most of these middle schoolers have endured bullying for years.
Ryan Goodwin;  People would call me gay, like everyday, since like first grade.

Taylor Nicholson;  I got bullied on because of my teeth and that kind of stuff because I have a gap in my teeth.

Samantha Sinnett, Bullied by "Friends";  I still get bullied occasionally in 7th grade about, like, well, personal things.

Jahnaee Lane, Victim of Bullies;  About my weight
For others, it's a "new" hurtful experience.

Jaylan Williams;   I've been home schooled my whole life so I'm kinda getting, dealing with what bullying is about.  I've been bullied by girls and boys.  They usually talk about my ears and my teeth.

One day of taunting or years, the sting is the same.  Some have even considered suicide.
Virginia Montgomery, Hurt by Bullies;   Last week, I remember running home crying because I was bullied so bad during 7th period.

But, these young people aren't running any more.  They're taking a bold stand against bullying and asking their classmates to take a pledge to do the same.

I agree to stamp out bullying and all forms of violence.
I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy our school equally, feel safe, secure and accepted ...

Regardless of ethnicity, gender, popularity, athletic ability, intelligence, religion or nationality.
By signing this pledge, I agree to support students who have subject to bullying.
Teach by example treating other students with respect
Open my eyes and be alert to all incidents of bullying.
Prevent bullying by reporting any suspicious behavior.

Aireann Pettway;  Whether we like it or not, this world would be so boring if everybody was made the same.

Angels In Our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.Angels in our Midst (Taking a Stand Against Bullying)

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