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Angels in our Midst (Soles 4 Souls)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
ROANOKE, AL - It was a chain of events with angels at the end of the line.
The Soles 4 Souls Organization donated new socks and shoes for "every" child at a local school.
The teacher making the trip to get the shoes is in a wreck.
The Highway Patrolman investigating is the husband of the teacher who made the shoe request.
He also happens to be friends with business owners who have a really big truck.
Here's the rest of the story.  

Almost to the Georgia line; Montgomery and take a right.
That little run up the road was actually a ten hour trek for the owners of Butler's U Pull It, Cheryl Nelson and her husband, Kevin.  But, it didn't matter to them; they had important cargo to haul.

Cheryl Nelson, Made Shoe Run to Alabama;  "Well, our heart went out to children that don't have shoes.  I mean, it's no fun to walk to school everyday or to play with shoes that don't fit."

97% of the students at O.J. Semmes Elementary School qualify for free and reduced lunch.  The poverty level is high and the needs are great.

Danielle Watkins, Kindergarten Teacher;  "A lot of these kids have holes in their shoes.  They don't have proper fitting shoes."
You can see the smiles on their faces.  They just are so excited.
Cheryl;  "I made sure my daughter was here today to be a part of this, to see how to be appreciative of things."

Running a Self Serve Auto Salvage Yard, Cheryl sees that kind of need every day.  It wasn't enough to just go and bring back 340 pairs of shoes.  She brought her daughter "and" her employees to personally help fit each child.

Cheryl;  "We just wanted to be of help, give back to the community.  Our customers are not too far away and these are liable to be their children, so we want to help."

Kiara Wilson, Getting New Shoes;  "Thank you for giving us the opportunity for getting new sneakers.  Here are some things that I would love to do with these sneakers; run without my toes getting stubbed;"

Sidani Wright, Wrote a thank you letter:  "Thank you for my shoes and my socks.  Thank you for everything."

Grateful children had nothing but thanks to Soles for Souls and the Nelsons.
Two, go home without my feet hurting.

Cheryl;  "You've got to give back.  You just can't take in this world, you've got to give back.  To whom much is given, much is required."

Willie Floyd, Loves his new shoes;  "I can run real fast and they make me bouncy."

Their smiles are all the pay she needs, but there is "one" more thing Cheryl would like from these children.

Cheryl;  "They've received, they then grow and learn to give back as well.  Let that just continue.
Just a never ending cycle of doing good for others."

 Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.
Angels in our Midst (Soles 4 Souls)

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