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Angels in our Midst (Sertoma)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
PENSACOLA - Sertoma. The name spells out their mission; to provide "Service to Mankind."
With a focus on speech and hearing disorders, Pensacola Northeast Sertoma decided to serve the community in a very big way.

Voice of Linda Allen, Audiologist;  "We were all crowded into one small classroom with a secretary and a technician and two audiologists and our hearing booth and our families."

That was the situation for 28 years at the Escambia School District's audiology clinic.  That would change when these members of Northeast Pensacola Sertoma Club got wind of their situation. They're not strangers to taking on big tasks and succeeding.

Linda Allen, Escambia School Dist. Audiologist;  "Well, we first said, well, we could use a renovation.  How about knocking out a wall?"

Jeff;  "But, we decided that just wasn't enough."
Linda;  "And they said, well, think bigger.  Think out of the box."

And the Northeast Sertoma members went way outside of the box.  They set out on a mission to raise money to build a whole new facility.

Jeff Younger, Northeast Pensacola Sertoma Club;  "As you know, it's a tough time to as for donations but nobody told us, No.
So, we got a lot of bits and pieces and we partnered with the local school board and a lot of local contractors and just put it all together."

From fund raising, to design to completion, it took two years but what they were able to put together, was, well...

Linda;  "A palace."     
Jeff;  It's really the only free standing audiology clinic in the southeast.  And one of the only, high state of the art facilities in the country.

Beyond the $260,000 in cash that they raised, the Sertoma members put in sweat equity.  Many of them helped with the actual construction; saving costs.  With what the school district brought to the project, they have given hearing impaired children, like Owen and their families a special place.

Voice of LInda Allen;  They come in and see a wonderful new waiting room.  We have a conference room that we can take our families in for results.
And we have all brand new testing equipment for our kids.
Remember, when you hear, you're going to raise your hand for me today. O.K.

They know their gift will be a benefit to the community for years to come.
Jeff;  The look in Linda's eyes and the other audiologists and what they came from and just the ability that they have now to service the kids so much better.

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.Angels in our Midst (Sertoma)

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