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Angels In Our Midst

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Angels in our Midst (Senior Chief John Kranak: Kindergarten Teacher)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
ESCAMBIA COUNTY  -    We know the tremendous service our military men and women give to this country everyday.
But, they also give untold hours of volunteer service in the communities where they're stationed or retired.
Like Senior Chief John Kranak ... He served 22 years in the Navy and then retired from Navy Civil Service.
He did everything from flying classified operations to welcoming visiting dignitaries.
In 2000, he looked for a new mission and found one, helping secure the future.

Do what?
I want my color to be fancy.
Well, put a different color in there.     

I started thinking where I failed in my life. 
I failed kindergarten.  And I don't want to see children fail.  So, I said I'd like to start off in kindergarten.
So that's exactly where John Kranak headed; back to school.  And what other school for this retired Navy man but Blue Angels Elementary.

Grace Alexandra, 5 years old;  He helps us stay in, color in the lines.
Color first, Justin.  No gluing until we tell you to.
Staying in the lines might sound like "kindergarten" stuff but Mr. John knows it's much more than that.

My purpose in doing this is to .... get the children to .... listen and understand and follow directions.  If they don't get that in the early years, it's going to be hard later on.

The children respond to the kindness, patience and one-on-one attention from Mr. John. 
... ran and played.  There they go.

Grace;  We takes tests and he helps kids read.
She lives in the hollow tree.
Justin Woerner, 5 years old;  He's nice and he helps us do AR tests.

Where does Peggy live?  In a hollow tree; under the sand; in the big cave; behind a barn? 
Hollow tree.
Hollow tree, right.

We set the foundation and that's why I stay in a kindergarten class.  I'm not smarter than a fifth grader. 

Even in kindergarten, we're raising the bar on these kids.
After distinguished military and civil service careers, Mr. John is still giving to his community.  He says the benefits are just as great.

They come up and they give me a big hug.  That is my reward; seeing these children come up and say, Mr. John, thank you.

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

       Angels in our Midst (Senior Chief John Kranak: Kindergarten Teacher)

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