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Angels In Our Midst (Seeds of Hope)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
Devin; "It's, it's scary."

Ashleigh; "That there were two suicides on campus that I had no idea about."

Sabra; "And I don't think that's the way it would be if they knew that there were people out there that did care."

When these University Of West Florida and Pensacola Junior College students decided it was time to break the silence about "suicide", they sought out one woman.

Raela Villanueva; Survivor of Suicide; "I will talk about my brother and the way he died until the day I die because it will help save some other family from going through such a tragedy."

Raela villanueva's brother, Junior, committed suicide almost 11 years ago. He was a senior at the University of Florida.

Devin Hall, University of West Florida Student; "She's a very strong individual. I mean, she lost a brother to this painful, painful depression and she's fighting."

This small army of students is joining Raela in this battle to prevent suicides. They were stunned that nobody was talking about the recent deaths of a sorority member and a fraternity member on campus. Well, they decided to find ways to get the whole community to open up.

Raela; "They are hard workers, they're organized, they're keeping me organized. I feel like I'm just the connector in the community."

The students for suicide awareness picked a venue of music and art. With a half-dozen bands and donations from local artists, they want to draw an audience that will listen to their message at an event they're calling "Seeds Of Hope."

Sabra Jernigan, PJC Student; "Because that is a feeling that often people who suffer from depression and things like that have, it's hopelessness."

They'll donate the money they raise to the Mental Health Association an organization that tries to provide that hope every day to people who are hurting.

Ashleigh Aaron, University of West Florida Student; "Which would be lovely if we could raise a bunch of money to help them out, since not a lot of people like to talk about depression."

Raela; "This event is going to bring so much healing, so much awareness in a time where depression is on the rise with the recession, people losing their jobs and their homes."

They can already count the success in the number of voices joining theirs to break the silence about suicide.

Sabra; "That's what our goal is. Just to show people that there is hope; give them hope."

Raela; "The tragedy that we went through, and we've been to hell and back, no longer, no longer."Angels In Our Midst (Seeds of Hope)

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