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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels In Our Midst (Sarah and Johnnie James)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
Sarah James; "My first child was Brittany."

Brittany was the first foster child to come into the home of Johnnie and Sarah James and their three biological children. There have been 74 others since then like Elena and George.

Sarah and Johnnie; "Uh, uh. Walk, walk. Get up, Get up. There you go. Walk, walk. And that's Shaniah."

Sarah James; "When they come through that door, they are our kids. And we give them the same treatment that we would want someone to give our children."

Sarah and Johnnie are "medical" foster parents. That's a non-stop, round the clock commitment.

Johnnie James; "We didn't feel like we had that much to give but just the thought of being there, trying to do whatever we can."

Their babies require specialized medical attention from all over the country.

Sarah; "One of my kids, I went to Cincinnati. I went there five times. Seven weeks the first time. Then I go to Gainesville a lot."

Sarah; "If they give me a child and say, this child has got to go to Jacksonville, then I go to Jacksonville. And when I go to Jacksonville, he takes care of the homefront."

And when they're not at hospitals or clinics, where one goes, they all go. A family cruise even. The James' will pack up wheelchairs, ventilators, heart monitors, oxygen tanks.

Sarah; "We travel. I'll take them and I'll hook machines up in that van. We keep a van because we want to be able to take them anywhere they want to go."

Speaking of going places, Brittany, George, Shaniah and Elena aren't. They came to the James home as infants and toddlers and haven't left. Sarah and Johnnie adopted them.

They've seen miracles in the lives of some of the children in their care; Brittany wasn't supposed to live much beyond seven months. She's 22 now and has her own job. Four of their babies did not survive. Still, they have found a peace.

Johnnie; "During these short lifetimes that they did have, we feel good that we were able to do something in their life that we felt like did put some joy in it."

Every child who has come into their home has felt that joy because of one thing Sarah and Johnnie let them know.

"There is somebody that could love me the way I am. No matter what."Angels In Our Midst (Sarah and Johnnie James)

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