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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels in our Midst (Sandra Swift)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
Sandra;  "They call me Grandma;  (LAUGH)  But, I like being a Grandma."

Grandma is Sandra Swift.  For six years, she has been the aide for special needs students at Washington High School. 

Sandra;  "I help them with their work and some of them need more assistance than others.  The ones in wheelchairs they might need help, like in the cafeteria when they get their lunches.  Any kind of assistance that they need, I help them with."

Grandma's slow and steady gait and her soft, gentle voice are a welcomed presence in the classroom.  The students know her, the depend on her, they trust her.

Tahmius Brye, "A sweet lady."
Brooke Phillips;  "Mrs. Swift, she's very nice and caring.  She likes to help with Randy over here.  Sometimes Randy doesn't do his work sometimes.  She helps him with it."

Angela Carter;  "She takes a lot of time with me."
That time she spends here is rewarding to her.  Miss Sandra gets inspiration from her students and their ability to meet challenges.

Sandra;  "They really care about each other.  They know what it's like to go through hardships.  A lot of them are really spunky people.  It's amazing what they 'can' do."

 Sandra;  They are amazing.  They just want to get on with life.
 Now, in any classroom, there are bound to be a few issues from time to time.  Well, grandma has can bring the voice of reason when she needs to.

 Samantha Wilkerson, ESE Teacher;  Yeah, she's firm when she needs to be but she's also  patient when she needs to be.  It's a good balance.

 Brooke;  I think she really cares how much we need to learn.  I think that's the good thing that she's here to help us.

 Sandra;  I hope they can go home and feel like they've done something worthwhile here and that they're happy and satisfied about their day.

 Thanks to a caring grandma, they do.
 HUG.  Thank you Mrs. Swift for what all you've been doing for us.
 You're welcome dear...

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

Angels in our Midst (Sandra Swift)

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