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Angels In Our Midst (Sailors Help Seniors)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
Shericka Mosley: "I mean, the whole worked is our community, so no matter where we are, we should be able to give back. I mean, anywhere."

Today, these Sailors have brought that community spirit to the Oaks Adult Day Care Center. This is a safe place for physically and cognitively impaired seniors.

Sandie Holtry, Council On Aging: "We care for the seniors while most of them, their family members work in the community or they have an older spouse who needs respite or may be ill themselves."

The busy facility was showing some wear and needed refreshing. 18 volunteers immediately signed on for the duty.

AEC Anthony Davis, NATTC: "I've been around the worked and I've seen where people are less fortunate than you are, so if you can help somebody, no matter how small the task is, I'll try to do it myself."

They do it with that military precision, attention to detail and a commitment to serve. While Pensacola is not their hometown, these Sailors feel a sense of duty here.

AEC Scott Griffith, From Jasper, AL: "Every place that we volunteer has some kind of major impact on the community. Personally, I don't pick and choose the places I came, I like to go wherever anyone needs help."

Many of the volunteers have found that the world is indeed a very small place. No matter where they are, they find that connection to home.

AT1 Shericka Mosley, NATTC: "My grandfather was in a facility like this and he enjoyed it. I mean, he would bring home artworks and, I mean, just talk about all the activities that he did in the day care facilities. And it just brings a joy. So, to be able to give back and have somebody else be able to go home to either tell their children or their grandchild how they enjoyed their day with the things they did in the facility, it is awesome."

And there is no price tag that you can put on the time and effort that they're putting in here. The budgets of the non-profit agencies they help simply wouldn't allow them to get this kind of work done. Needless to say, they're glad these Sailors have, at least for now, call Pensacola home.

Sandie: "They want ot assist in the community. They feel like this is their home away from home. They join in, the come together and yes, we can always count of them. They are a true blessing." Angels In Our Midst (Sailors Help Seniors)

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