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Angels in our Midst (Peggy Custred's Kids)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
ESCAMBIA COUNTY - For the past 35 years, hundreds of children have been entrusted to this woman's care.
They come to her with their scars; physical and emotional.
She is the angel who finds them a new, safe, forever place to call home.

 "Fernand is a 14 year old young man, very articulate, very outgoing, loves animals." 

 This is Peggy Custred.  And these are her children.

Tenesha and Lanesha are twins.  Don't really look like twins but they are absolutely delightful 11-year-olds.

 "Chad's been in our system a very long time and he's so anxious for a family."
 Peggy;  "They're children who come from this community who have been abused, neglected or abandoned.  They've been through some horrific things but they're survivors."

Kinayah is one of those survivors.  When she was just one month old, she was thrown on the floor and left permanently disabled.  Peggy needed a family to care for her for life.
"Kinayah.  We've just identified a family for Kinayah.  I'm very excited.  She's just moved in with her family."

Elena Aldridge;   "When you think of adoptions in our circuit, in our area, the name Peggy is synonomous."

Elena;  "Peggy is passionate.  She is committed to these children."

That is important to these children who have suffered so much rejection in their lives.
Peggy;  "They want to know, are you really going to commit there for me because nobody in my life ever has."  

Every one of her children is unique so Peggy has to find that one "special" family just for that child.  They don't have to be wealthy or a married couple or a certain age; just committed.

Peggy;  "I want a family who has a good sense of humor because our kids can challenge them.  And I want a family who has, maybe had some life experiences that make them able to relate to the children's past."

Peggy knows their past.

"Marlon... He needs a very special family that's going to be there to help him to work through some difficult times because he's had a very hard time.

And she knows their pain.

"Trenton was severely battered as an infant and has caused him to be severely brain damaged."

Elena;  "She's able to take that pain and turn it into something positive and ultimately has found countless children permanent homes.  And that's her legacy."

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.Angels in our Midst (Peggy Custred's Kids)

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