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Angels In Our Midst (Pea Ridge Elementary)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
PEA RIDGE ELEMENTARY - A Pea Ridge fifth grader was facing a true life or death situation.

As young as they are, his schoolmates understood what was happening and they felt like they had to do something.

So, they got together and gave him a gift straight from their hearts; the gift from Angels In Our Midst.

Dylan Dinkins, 12 years old; "When I was born, there was something wrong with my heart."

Paige and Mark Dinkins, Dylan's Parents; "He was born with a condition called hyperplastic left heart. That's whenever your heart doesn't have a left ventricle."

The Dinkins knew early on that in order to save his life, their son would need several heart transplants over the years. They had to face the first one just months ago.

Dad; "We had a lot of hard times. We had to relocate. I was self employed. I had to let my business go."

His fellow students at Pea Ridge Elementary School got wind of those hard times and they made a move.

Ethan Price, 10 years old; "We sold cookie dough."

Samantha Harrison, 7 years old; "Because we had to help a kid get a new heart."

This was strictly a volunteer effort but it was one that the entire school, literally, took to heart. Gage Edwards is best friends with Dylan's brother.

Gage Edwards, 11 years old; "And I'm thinking, if you had a little brother and he was dying, would you want somebody to help you?"

Chloe Brown, 11 years old; "I didn't want to see, stand by and watch their family suffer to stand by and watch their son die."

Normally, when there are fund-raising campaigns, the children get prizes as incentives. With the "Dough For Dylan" campaign, there were "no prizes".

Megan Townsend, 9 years old; "I didn't really care about the prizes or anything; I just wanted to help out."

Gage; "This is something different for me. I'm usually, we are just doing it for the school or something but we actually did it for a student's brother's life. And I thought that was great."

Their caring act will go a long way toward easing the burden of Dylan's family. Their dough brought in $3,947.02.

Dad; "No words can really describe whenever children come together and do something like this on their own. It's just, it's amazing and we're so appreciative."

Mom; "We just thank God for everybody that was a part of our son's miracle. I didn't know you were going to be here."

This is Dylan's first time visiting Pea Ridge since his lifesaving operation. Ironically, it's on Valentine's Day. Dylan has a simple message to his school mates; from his "new" heart to theirs:

Dylan; "I thank them very much."Angels In Our Midst (Pea Ridge Elementary)

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