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Angels in our Midst (The Oaks Adult Care)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
The Council On Aging of West Florida runs the only non-profit day care center for frail adults and seniors.

With a growing demand for services, they needed to expand and they wanted to enhance the homey atmosphere. But with no available funding, one call brought the home building community to the rescue.

David Peaden, Home builders Association of Northwest Florida:  "Some gave, really, when their business was struggling but everybody pitched in to make it work. It's a true blessing that we were able to help." 

It was huge commitment but it would fill an even bigger need in the community: a safe and enriching place for seniors with Dementia and Alzheimer's.  And it was literally a community of angels who transformed The Oaks, adult day care center.

Newmann Rodgers, Newman Rodgers Construction:  "You really have to give it to the whole team.  It was everybody involved with the home builders from the subcontractors to the suppliers; everybody really gave their all to make this happen."

There were the designer, the painters, the electricians, the a/c contractor, the roofers and the framers.  And it wasn't just labor, but materials were donated as well.  While the home builders' team was redoing the center, the Lowe's Home Improvement Team was doing an outdoor makeover; adding a huge gazebo and boardwalk and landscaping.

Richard Mcleod, Lowe's Heroes:  "We wanted to try to combine our resources and make something that was going to be long lasting and it was going to have a big impact with the community."

Nina Fritz recruited Kay Packwood and fellow Pensacola artists to share their paintings to add to the homelike feel of The Oaks. 

Nina Fritz, artist: "Our Plein Air group, and we go out every week and paint local landscapes and scenes. They'll see something and just look at it and smile."

They'll switch out the paintings periodically to inspire even more memories. Thanks to the home builders and the added 450 square feet, even more families will have a comfortable and caring place to leave a loved one while they work or just get some much needed respite.

David Peaden: "Everybody can pretty much relate to having a family member in their senior years that needs assistance from time to time and to have this available in our community is a plus."

Newman Rodgers: "My father actually had Alzheimer's so it hit home. That's why I really wanted to do the job."

Angels In Our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.Angels in our Midst (The Oaks Adult Care)

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