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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels in our Midst (Naval museum volunteer shares priceless gifts)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
ESCAMBIA COUNTY -- "If I’m walking kind of fast ..."
Sam Tucker, 88, is a virtual talking and fast walking book of knowledge.  He has been volunteering at the Naval Aviation Museum for 13 years. 
Phil Duryea, naval museum volunteer coordinator said, "He started off in security and then we got him to do a little talking.  So, now he does the tour guides.  Now we've got him into power points, we got him into scavenger hunts."
Tucker said, "If I came to this museum and I wasn't having fun, I wouldn't come.  I have fun here.  I mean, how could you not have fun in a place like this?"
Mr. Sam shares the fun and the fantasy of flight with small family groups or large tour bus loads of visitors.  A veteran world war two merchant marine; his is the voice of experience.
After his service, he earned grad degrees in engineering and math; another perfect fit at the museum.
"I guess I’m a perpetual student.  That's why I like teaching.  That's why I like teaching; talking to these kids,” said Tucker.  “We're teaching science, engineering and mathematics."
Tucker said, "If I throw a math problem out at somebody and make it fun, and that's what I try to do; I show them how to add, multiply and divide, take square roots in their heads, instantly."
His belief is that is you make it fun and relevant, they'll remember it. 
Tucker said, "Eight hundred fifty-two feet in 59 seconds that was Wilbur.  Do a little arithmetic, that's nine miles an hour."
And if you have a child who struggles with math, a visit to the museum and a chat with Mr. Tucker might be just the inspiration they need.
Tucker said, "I show them how to do the magic square.  And kids love that.  You know where the numbers add up this way and this way. First I wow them with it and then I show them how to do it."
For Mr. Tucker and his fellow senior volunteers at the museum, sharing their gifts is almost a gift back to themselves.  They always have to be ready for the next questions and to seize the opportunity to grab the next generation to propel into space.
Phil said, “Keeps their mind active I think more than anything."
Minds active and a spring in their steps, keeping history alive.
Sam said "Until I can't do it again.  Until I can't do it."
Angels in our Midst (Naval museum volunteer shares priceless gifts)

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