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Angels In Our Midst (Lowes Heroes)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
Lola Simpson; "I've been up ever since about four o'clock this morning. I said, 'Cause the air conditioner man is coming.' I said, 'Thank God for him.'"

In fact, there is a team of some 20 Lowes employees. They're volunteering their time for a special mission.

Clay Copeland, Lowes Heroes; "We're going into the homes of our senior citizens and we're installing air conditioners to help them beat the heat this summer."

Voice of Shelly Agnew; "They're without air. The temperatures have been about 101."

And even hotter inside their homes with no air stirring. At night, the rooms are unbearable.

Lola Simpson, "Grateful for air conditioning; When you walk in the room, it's like you meet the heat, you know, like the oven or the heater is on, it's so hot."

Velma Hixon, Heat Hurting Her Health; "I have pressure problems, high blood pressure. And it's been running a little high and I just believe it's because I wasn't getting enough rest."

Velma Hixon can't rest because it's just too hot in her bedroom. Lola Simpson can't easily escape the heat because she's partially paralyzed from a stroke and she's a breast cancer surivior.

Lola; " And then I have high blood pressure and arthritis."

For many seniors beating the heat is about more than comfort, it is a health issue. That adds to the urgency the Lowes volunteers feel about what they're doing.

Clay; "Lowes built this on customer service. Well, this is community service. We're out there helping people with a definite need."

The teams will install units in more than 50 homes in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. When they're done, everyone will rest a little easier.

Lola; "It's a blessing from the Lord for folks to come out and help us."

Clay; "Once we've gone in there and we've dropped off air conditionsers, just the smiles on their faces is satisfaction enough to me."

Velma; "I knew I was going to be able to sleep."

Shelly; "I have peace tonight when I go to sleep knowing that I've helped somebody."

"O.K. O.K. Have any questions?"

"No questions."


"Just thank you, thank you, thank you."Angels In Our Midst (Lowes Heroes)

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