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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels in Our Midst (Lowe's Angels)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
Council on Aging's Oaks Adult Day Care is the only facility of it's kind in Northwest Florida.
The center offers a safe, active environment for adults and seniors who can not be left alone during the day.
Thanks to some Angels, the Oaks now has a new space for clients to enjoy.

Jeff Nall, Council on Aging;  "Most of the clients that we serve have some form of dementia or Alzheimer's . A lot of them are really going to love this."

Richard McLeod, Manager, Lowe's at Airport Blvd.;  "We're trying to build a gazebo and a bridge to help everyone get to the gazebo."
The 7,000 square ft of yard space at the Council on Aging's Adult Day Care Center sat idle for years.

COA Client;  "We could  never come out here."
The Lowe's heroes saw a lot of potential in all that space and volunteered their efforts for a transformation.

Richard;  "We were able to pull our resources from five different stores;  the Gulf Breeze, the 9 Mile store, the Airport store, the Fairfield store and also the Milton store.  And we wanted to try to combine our resources to make something that was going to be long-lasting and also have a big impact on the community."
The impact will be huge for the clients here.  This will open up an area for discoveries and memories.

Jeff;   "They grew flowers at home, they raked leaves and this is just a great extension for them to get outside and enjoy things like everyone else."

COA Client, Loves Gardening;  "I'm telling you right now, it's exactly like that.  Just look it, look it, aren't they gorgeous?"

Jeff;  "It's going to be a great opportunity for socialization, they can play games, have lunch, picnic ."
COA Adult Day Care Client;  I love outside.  What is it about outside that you like so much?  Fresh air.
Many of the Lowe's volunteers can relate to the excitement that's in the air.  
Richard;  "A couple of our associates that have been helping out have all said that they've either had family members that have had to come or, Gosh, this is something I would like to be able to come to."
Jeff;  "This project could not have happened without Lowe's and Lowe's Heroes, to be quite honest. It's going to be here for years to come and that's what's so important. too."
COA Client:  "This is definitely beautiful."
"It is beautiful.  It really is beautiful."
Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

Angels in Our Midst (Lowe's Angels)

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