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Angels in our Midst (Little Drummer Boy)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
He's just in the fourth grade so what could he do to make a difference?
Do you remember the Christmas story of the "Little Drummer Boy?"
Well, here's Pensacola's own version of that angel in our midst.

Nolan;  "Originally, I had a beginner set, drum  kit, when I was about three."

And like most three-year-olds, the drum set held Nolan Costa's interest for a quick minute and he was off to the next adventure.  It was two years ago that he discovered the drums again.

Nolan;  "I started getting into Rock Band and there's this one guy one You Tube, Mr. JJ's Drum TV, I watched him and he sort of inspired me."

Inspired might be too soft a word.  Those sticks became magic in Nolan's hands.

Nolan;  "I learn the songs I play by ear.  I just listen to it and learn it by ear."

Nolan;  "It's just something enjoyable I like to do.  I mean, you've got to have the passion for it ...  You've got to have the passion to play it and learn it."

Nolan;  "This is my gift. I guess I was just born for drumming, to drum."
Even at ten, Nolan knew what he wanted to do with that gift this year.  He normally puts on shows for family and friends but just before Christmas, he asked them to bring presents for Toys for Tots.

Nolan;  "We had nearly two bins of toys; it was overflowing in their truck.  Also, all the tips I got, it was for Toys for Tots. I just wanted to help kids who couldn't have really a good Christmas.  I wanted to help them have a better Christmas. I wanted to use my drumming and give whatever I got to kids, like I said, so they could have a better Christmas."
Nolan doesn't know if he'll become a professional drummer, a baseball player, or a lawyer, he's got options, but, he says he'll always use his gifts to bless others.

Nolan;  "It makes me feel good to use my talent to give to help other kids and other families."

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

Angels in our Midst (Little Drummer Boy)

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