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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels in Our Midst (Leah Rogers)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT

   She's a crafter who gets pure joy out of sharing her gift with others.
   The greatest joy is sharing with a group who doesn't find an open door everywhere...
   Only with the Angels In Our Midst.

   87 year old Leah Rogers wasn't born an artist, she just started dabbling in art a little over 50 years ago. 
   Leah Rogers, teaches ceramics;  "I was in Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts and all that sort of thing and doing all the little crafty things that mamas do."
   Eventually, she opened the doors to "Leah's Ceramics".  It was that "mama thing" that led her to open those doors even wider. 
   Miss Leah;  "At one time, we had a foster child who was autistic.  I could not find anybody who knew what autism was, much less, what to do about it...  I thought, other people must have a hard time finding activities that their children needed to do or would like to do."
    So, Miss Leah began classes for students with developmental disabilities.
   Erin McClain, ceramics student;  "i think it's wonderful to come here."
   Stewart;  "She is a very fantastic, patient lady..."
   Her patience has tapped into some pretty impressive creativity.
   Stewart Roberts, ceramics student;  "I do Christmas gifts for my family and relatives ... And i do birthday gifts.  And, also, i just mainly do gifts to give away."
   She's also opened up opportunities.  Erin is making pieces she hopes to sell at the hair salon where she works.
   Miss Leah;  "They're going to take home something that i can be proud of them taking home.  And they are so pleased with what they do; to see that they have created something."
   Above all, it's probably the relationships that miss leah has crafted here that are most memorable.
   Miss Leah;  "The companionship of all of these people.  They're a big part of my life and i look forward everyday to them coming in."
   Erin;  "Well, I love she's doing that.  And she's a wonderful lady, like a grandma."
   Stewart,  "Yeah, she welcomes anybody and everybody.  It is so fun."
   Angels In Our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's HospitalAngels in Our Midst (Leah Rogers)

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