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Angels in Our Midst (Lanna Begnaud)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
They call it, the hardest job you'll ever love.
The qualifications are a little room in your home, a lot of patience and a love for children. The love of an Angel in our Midst.      

Lanna Begnaud , Foster Parent;  "One of the little commercials came on TV and said, you know, 'Be a hero, be a foster parent.'  And I said, You know what, I could really do that."

A single career woman, 31 year old Navy Corpsman Lanna Begnaud registered for the first available Foster Parenting class.  And it was almost no time after classes and background screening were done when.   

"The minute I got the phone call, I thought to myself, Oh my goodness, I don't have any bottles.  I don't have any diapers.  It was like 10 pm at night and I wanted to run to Walmart."

The caseworker would bring those things along with the newborn who was coming right from the hospital after medical complications.   

Lanna;  "I don't have any children so, I never experienced that close bonding, someone depending on me at all times."

Lanna may have thought her 13 year military career was an adventure, but it was nothing like the one she was about to embark upon.

"Every day when I walk in to pick him up from day care as soon as he hears my voice or sees me, that smile just makes it worth it; worth every night that I don't sleep all night or anything else. just makes it worth it."
Sleepless nights, illnesses. Those aren't the hardest part of this job.  It's saying goodbye.
"I did have another Foster child that I only had in my home for a week and it was already tough.  I cried when I had to take him where he needed to go and that was after only a week."
This little one has been with her for months now so she's constantly reminding herself of the goal of Foster Care.

"You always have to remember, I'm not doing this for me, I'm doing it for them.  I'm pretty sure that's going to be the hardest part is letting my emotions go and realizing I did what I signed up to do."
To provide a safe and loving place where a child can thrive until they can, hopefully, go home again.

Lanna; "It's an amazing feeling.  And I'm almost prouder to say I'm a Foster parent than the military.  It makes me feel much better.  It makes my heart smile to know I can do this."
Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

There is a critical shortage of Foster families in Northwest Florida.
Right now, at least 150 more homes are needed.
If you'd like to become a Foster Parent, call (850) 453-7777.

Angels in Our Midst (Lanna Begnaud)

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