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Angels In Our Midst (Kay Pavlock)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
ESCAMBIA COUNTY - Her son's friend, who had practically grown up in her home, died from a malignant brain tumor at age 33

That same year, Kay Pavlock's mother died unexpectedly from colon cancer.

Those two devastating losses led her to the place you might least expect to find her, where she could do the work of Angels in Our Midst.

A woman with a purpose, Kay Pavlock maneuvers the halls of St. Catherine's Cancer Unit at Sacred Heart Hospital. Her mission is to provide one thing ...

Whatever they need.
Ruth Bice, RN, Values A Special Volunteer; We couldn't do it without her. She fills the voids when we're short staffed. She bathes patients. She calms them down.

Voice of Kay Pavlock; I brought a woman a diet Pepsi. She was so delighted she called me an angel.

Kay appreciates that sometimes the most she can give, is the little things.

Kay Pavlock, Cancer Care Volunteer; They're at a very difficult stage in their life. Sometimes I just sit and talk to them because they need someone to talk to. The family isn't accepting what's happening.

She anticipates our needs as a nurse. She'll get into the room, she'll set it up. She'll talk to the patient before the nurse gets there.

Runs and does errands for the doctors.

Coming up on 14 years on St. Catherine's, except for the uniform, you might not know that Kay is a "volunteer".

Hi, I'd like some Flotrons.

Cyndi Quizon, OCN; Kay's more than a volunteer oh, yeah. Answers the phone, answers the call light. If a doctor wants a chart or "Where do I find this?" or "Where do I find that?" Oh, yeah, does it, goes to get it. Oh, yeah. She's like one of us.

Kay; I have certain duties that nobody else does. That's satisfying that I have earned their trust.

And that trust is earned though sheer devotion in what can be a tough place.

She sets up our Chapel.
She comes in with boundless energy.
When we're drained emotionally, she brings in that spiritual part.

Kay; It's just a good feeling. I get much more out of it than I give. I can tell you that.

Angels in Our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.Angels In Our Midst (Kay Pavlock)

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