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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels In Our Midst (Jazzy Jellyfish Cafe)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
How many fit on one of those big old hunkin' trays? 24? 24. How many trays of cookies do we need to have.

So what can you learn from running a restaurant?

Shayla Ides, Jazzy Jellyfish Cafe Production Staff; We were sanitizing our hands because they need to be clean for us to be able to touch the cookies.

On April 27th, we had $476.00.

Aaron Jennings, Jazzy Jellyfish Cafe Accounting Staff; Revenue I know is the money that goes in.

We add it and subtract the money we take out and spend and then we just figure out the money that we have left.

We do the layout of the cafeteria.

Fiama Mastrangelo, Jazzy Jellyfish Cafe Decorating Staff; Ashley came up with this idea for a centerpiece. We use vases, we got sticks and filled the vases with marbles, put styrofoam jellyfish on. We painted them and then put ribbons for tentacles.

Ron; Advertising and we're doing a powerpoint for the donors.

Creative thinking sparked the idea of getting donations for auctions to increase revenue.

Hayden White, Jazzy Jellyfish Cafe Auction Staff; Dear TBCY, Bagglehuts. Thank you for donating a $20 gift card. Your generosity enables us to give more to our charities. Our business is really cooking because of you. Sincerely.

Strong writing skills are a must and good manners are, well, just nice.

Ron Buchanan, Jazzy Jellyfish Cafe Ad Staff; I have learned that it is a lot harder to running a business than I thought.

But all the planning and goal setting gives them focus and purpose.

Aaron; $9000.00. Hopefully more, but $9,000's our regular goal.

Benjamin Nguen; Jazzy Jellyfish Cafe Auction Staff; We're gonna split the money to go to Nemour's Children's Clinic and Ronald McDonald House.

Ambitious, maybe. But in the last three years, Jazzy Jellyfish has donated 22-thousand dollars to various charities.

Sidney Scarborough, Sacred Heart Miracle Camp; The money is great but donations of the heart are even better. And that's what I see from the kids and what I see from Leslie as well.

The name tags are one of the last things we have to do and we're doing them right now.

We're done.

Time to open for business.

Leslie Jolly, Jazzy Jellyfish Cafe Founder; At the end of the day when I'm exhausted and tired, I look back at the first night that we're open.

And the kids are so excited about something that they've created.

This is education.

Their life is giving back and working for a purpose.

Ben; You feel kind of good.

It's so worth it. It's so worth it.Angels In Our Midst (Jazzy Jellyfish Cafe)

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