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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Updated: Monday, February 24 2014, 07:24 PM CST
CENTURY    --  Janet Lee pastors Century United Methodist Church.
She says their small congregation would run out of things to do if they just served each other
So, for decades she has moved beyond the four walls of the church to help the most "under" served.
She's an Angel in our Midst.
Johnny;  She's my angel on the north end.
That's how people describe Janet Lee.  She's made her home in Century Florida for the past 32 years.  For many of those years, she's been making weekly visits to the Century Health and Rehabilitation Center; bringing a friend along.

Voice of Janet Lee;  I started 16 years ago and I've had three dogs who have come for pet visits.

This is just small way Janet tries to make lives a little better; days a little brighter.  There are also bigger needs that fall on her heart.  In the north end where resources can be scarce and those needs are great, Janet feels a calling to meet them.

Janet;  Even I'm still amazed when I find out people don't have running water in their house.  They don't have bathrooms. It's a poor section but I am drawn and I am happy here.

Getting someone running water, helping keep their lights on, providing a way for a disabled person to get out of their home, they call Janet.

Johnny Sewell, Century Health Social Services Dir.;  She would say something like, Do you need the carpenter.  Do you need the lumber.  Do you need the nails.  And I would say, Please.  She would, somehow we would get a wheelchair ramp.
I'd take her home, put her in my yard.  I've got a big yard.
There are those needs that we don't often hear about, or know about.

Janet Lee, Angel On The North End;  We have a ministry with the Dialysis Center where we provide some of the nutrients that they need during the dialysis process.  It's for folks who can't afford those on their own.

When Elma Tetters needed someone to bury her mother, Janet was there.
Elma Teeters, Century Health Occupational Therapist;  Just because I needed it.  That's just the way Janet is.

Janet also tries to make a long term impact on the lives of the people of Century.  She reached out to Pensacola State College and offered to provide moral support to a student, and more.

Janet;  With one of the electrical classes there, we provided a scholarship for them.  I don't know, the mission field is outside the walls of the church.

Janet's denomination allows their ministers to move around if the choose but Janet has chosen to stay on this mission field.  This is where she feels her touch might make the most difference. 
Margaret Collier, Janet's Parishioner;  It doesn't matter to her what color, what faith, whatever.  If you're a person with a story or a person with a need, she's going to try to fix it.

Johnny;  If I was a stranger and I needed a coat or if I were hungry and I stumbled across Janet, I'd walk away with a coat, a full stomach.

That's how Janet Lee works on the north end.
Janet;  I really have always felt like God wanted me right here where I am.

 Angels in our Midst is brought to you by the Children's Hospital at Sacred Heart.


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