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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels In Our Midst (Jack Goldfarb)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
Jack Goldfarb grew up poor in his native Peru.

The rest of the 80 year old's story is one of determination, commitment and faith.

It is the story of an Angel In Our Midst.

Jack Goldfarb; "I was looking for adventure. I was 18 years old."

Jack; "So, I left home and I came to the states. I didn't speak one word of English."

"I had just $48 dollars in my pocket."

Soon out of money, a young Jack Goldfarb enlisted in the U.S. Army, rising through the ranks from recruit to major in his 24 year career. During that time he also answered the call to the ministry and the call to return to his native peru as a visiting preacher.

"I saw poverty I had never seen before."

"They didn't have running water, no electricity."

The conditions tugged at his heart and Pastor Jack knew he had to minister to more than their souls.

"And I longed for my people to be able to have a little bit more. Something that I had never had as a youngster growing up."

Seeing the children running the streets with no direction or purpose, led him to ask: "Why don't they have a school, the federal government or the city? And they said they don't have any money."

Not that they had much, but he and his wife decided that they would save and build a school in comas. They'd have to start small so they opened with just a kindergarten class.

"In the beginning, we only had 12 children."

Only 12 children and faith.

"It grew to 140 kids in two years."

"Our hope was every year to add a grade; that God was going to help us somehow. And he did."

University of West Florida Education Major Christina Boos went to help at the school for a year.

Christina; "The parents, I think they do see education as a way out of their poverty and so they do appreciate it and they take advantage of it."

In just a few days, the Jack Goldfarb Christian School will graduate their first class. Pastor Jack plans to be there.

"Some of the kids that have never had a chance that will be able to perhaps go to college to become and become professionals and do things for others."Angels In Our Midst (Jack Goldfarb)

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