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Angels in our Midst (The Humphries)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
ESCAMBIA COUNTY  -  Ken and Susan Humphries have been Foster parents to 78 children over the last 4 years.
Several of those children came and never left.
They found a Forever Home with the Angels in our Midst.

Victoria Humphries, 16 years old;  "I've always been out on the streets begging for food and water and I've been beat in every which way you can imagine."
That was before Victoria and her bothers Tyler and Aaron found a refuge with Ken and Susan Humphries 5 years ago.  They were the last three of "seven" children they adopted.
Susan;  "The first child we adopted was Dakota, April Fool's Day .. 2003."
Dakota was just three years old.

Susan Humphries, Foster and Adoptive Mom;  "He was terrified of water and it took me a few days to figure it out and that was because he had never really been in the bathtub before."

Dakota is the family's musical prodigy.  He's taught himself to play the sax and clarinet but his heart is at the piano.

Dakota Humphries, 14 year old musical prodigy;  "I started fiddling with it so now I'm able to play pretty good.  And I play by ear. I'm hoping to go to Juilliard.

Ken Humphries, Adopted 7 children;  "Madison.  We picked Madison up at the hospital when she was three days old."

They already had her siblings, Michael, 2, and Kensly, 1, in their home in Foster care.  They would adopt them too.  They 'd all know the security of a big family.
Madison Humphries, 8 years old;  "I love them. They're like older than me, they treat me like a real sister."

Michael Humphries, 12 years old;  "More people to play with."
"Ummmm, sometimes fighting, sometimes not."

Kensly Humphries, 10 years old;  "Every time I end up getting off track, they'll always help me, sort of support me."
That support and unconditional love have helped the children heal and learn to be "children."

Aaron Humphries, 13 years old;  "I like to play outside.  I like to watch movies with Jim Carrey."
Susan;  "I've spent many a night sleeping on the floor beside the bed, rubbing backs 'til all hours of the night; a lot of nightmares."
For Ken and Susan, a lot of prayer.
Ken;  "It is challenging.  I mean, we have our moments where sometimes it seems like it's a little crazy around here."
Tyler Humphries, 15 years old;  "It takes a lot of guts to deal with a lot of kids at once, that's what my parents have.  I love them a lot."
Dakota;  "They basically picked a lot of us up off the ground, dusted us off, set us off; told us to go on."
They're helping their 7 move on and they're still fostering other children.   While many people think the Humphries are special people, they say it's their children who are heroes.
Susan;  "I look at my kids and I stand in awe of them.  My kids were hungry on the street.  They know what it's like to beg for food.  My daughter knows what it's like to have bald spots in her head because her mom's ripped her hair from her scalp.  She knows what it's like to bury her dead kittens because her dad killed her cats."
Victoria;  "Coming here, every night I can say, 'Goodnight, mom and dad; I love you.'  But, I couldn't say that to anyone in my past because no one truly loved me."

 Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

In recognition of National Adoption Month, Families First Network of Lakeview is hosting an Awareness Walk on November 12th at 10 am.
The walk is from Gulf Coast Kid's House to Bayview Park for a ceremony and family fun day.

Angels in our Midst (The Humphries)

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