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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels In Our Midst (Hilton Crew)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
Dale Brown; "The spirit that we have here at the Hilton is that you have to be hospitable and that's to one another."

That spirit led Dale Brown to step in when he saw that Cory Henderson was about the be turned down for a housekeeping job at the Pensacola Beach Gulf Front. He took a bold step and said he wanted Cory to work for him in maintenance and engineering.

Dale Brown, Director Property Operations; "Starting at 6 a.m., bright and early. And then cleaning things up, getting the water tested, sweeping and cleaning the pools."

Seemingly simple tasks, but Cory was born with developmental disabilities and would need a little extra help to do his job. He'd need another angel to take him under their wing.

Dale; "I knew that I wouldn't even have to ask that. I knew if we just put Cory in place that somebody would step forward and make that happen."

In stepped John Gerseth. He and Cory were a match made in heaven; they just clicked.

John Gerseth, Cory's Mentor; "He's just a, I mean, I can't say it enough; he's just a great kid. He wants to learn and that inspires me to want ot teach him more."

Cory; "He keeps me straight, like, on task."

Dale; "We have two-way radios, and I hear Cory going, "Cory to Uncle John, where are you at. I need you." And John's coming back and going, "I'm right here Cory, I'm coming around the corner of the building. I'll be there in a minute." "O.K. Uncle John."

Thanks to Uncle John, Cory's skills have grown beyond pool maintenance.

John; "I've actually gotten him to work with power tools."

Cory; "For instance, we do rooms calls. I like doing that with him."

John; "Working on an air conditioner and he'll walk around the room and look for something else that's broken and fix it on his own."

Cory; "One day I fixed a bathtub. Like the overflow. One of those were lose."

It requires a little extra time and personal commitment, but John's reward is Cory's every success.

John; "Absolutely. That's how you'd sum that up."

As for Dale, let's just say he has no regrets.

Dale; "You have to give that leap of faith for, especially for people. I'll be happy to take that leap of faith again and again and again."Angels In Our Midst (Hilton Crew)

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