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Angels in our Midst (The Gypsy Judge)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
She hung up her robe, picked up her bucket list and got ready to hit the road.
But, she couldn't leave behind the images and stories from her days on the bench.
So, a roaming spirit is taking those memories on the ride of an Angel in our Midst.

Laura Melvin, Gypsy Judge;  I woke up on a birthday morning, doing that, Humm, what do I want to be sure an do; what do I not want to regret?   

On that list, visiting Nova Scotia and making that trip on a motorcycle.  So, Circuit Court Judge Laura Melvin learned to ride and now she's ready to roll.

Bill Eddins, State Attorney; Friend of the Gypsy Judge;  No, it doesn't surprise me at all.  Judge Melvin's always had a little gypsy in her.  

That's what she calls herself, the Gypsy Judge.  Now retired, she still has vivid memories of the children who walked into her courtroom and across her heart.

Judge Melvin;  I saw way too many children who had been hurt and frightened.  

So, the judge is riding the four corners of the country for "Those Children", raising awareness and money for charities, like Gulf Coast Kid's House which helps abused children through the legal process.

On my ride, they represent the voice of the children,  judge Melvin  

Shriners Hospital for Children, they provide free medical care for children.  Ronald McDonald House provides for the families of children who are seriously ill.  And then, Habitat, builds for the children.

A 64 year old grandmother, Judge Melvin has no delusions about the challenges of her 12,000 mile commitment.  

Judge Melvin;  Getting out of the heat.  I don't look forward to the next couple of days.  It's brutal on the bike.

You can follow the judge on her blog; and donate to any of the charities.

Anne Patterson, Assistant State Attorney;  That's where the support of the community comes in, by donating non-dedicated funds that can be used for whatever we need to keep our doors open and keep doing the work we're doing.

She needs to make 300 miles a day, every day for six weeks.  Friends figure that's just another day in the life of Judge Laura Melvin.

A lot of people assure me I'm crazy, and I just agree.
Fellow riders summons a hedge of protection.

PRAYER:  Each and every mile that she travels, Father, keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up.

Judge Melvin has but one wish at the end of the road ...
 A kid with a smile on his face, that'll do it.

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

Angels in our Midst (The Gypsy Judge)

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