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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels In Our Midst (Gupta Trio)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
PENSACOLA - More than a year ago, with her younger brother and sister in tow, Preeyal Gupta started volunteering at a Pensacola nursing home.

They took with them their God-given talents and a desire to share the music of Angels In Our Midst.

Preeyal Gupta: "The pedals didn't work at the bottom. The keys, a lot of them didn't play at all, and some, you couldn't press down. And the sound just didn't come out right."

Even out of tune, the Bayshore Nursing Home residents were thrilled with their guests, that they cared enough to come visit every week.

Lucille Higgins: "Oh, I love them. They are very talented at the piano."

Rex Burt: "And that tickled me to death. They kept coming every Sunday, they'd come in to see me. And that took a lot of stuff off my shoulder."

Preeyal: "About the third time I came, I'm like, 'oh my God, I really don't want to play on this piano anymore.' And I said, 'well, maybe Krisha, Anish and I could raise the money to get them a new one.'"

So the Gupta trio orchestrated a mission: they asked family members for donations. They enlisted the help of friends and held a recital, they tutored piano students, they cooked and sold authentic Indian dishes.

Anish Gupta: "I felt happy, because all the hard work paid off."

"They've accumulated enough money to get us a new piano."

And if they enjoyed the music before...

"And I can't believe the young man, the younger boy has such fast fingers. It's thrilling to watch him play."

Anish: "I hope I make them feel happy and special, because we came here just to play the piano for them."

Krisha Gupta: "It's really great that we can come and be a part of their lives and they enjoy it."

"They're very unusual young people. Not only do they have talent, but they have love for other people."

For Anish, Krisha and Preeyal, love is just the prelude.

Preeyal: "I hope that I've made a difference in their lives."Angels In Our Midst (Gupta Trio)

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