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Angels in our Midst (Gulf Breeze High SGA)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
GULF BREEZE   --  If you were in Gulf Breeze this past Saturday, you no doubt saw a huge gathering at the high school.
On Friday, we caught up with an incredible group of teens who were putting the final plans to pull off a little miracle.
They were driven by compassion and the desire to show that they could do the work of the Angels in our Midst.

Voice of Allie Turner, Gulf Breeze High SGA;  Quentin, he's a senior at our school.  He's battling liver cancer.  He got diagnosed when he was in the tenth grade.  We're all just inspired by him and wanted to do something for him.

Jordan Kirchgessner, Gulf Breeze High SGA;  I said, let's brainstorm.  Let's come up with something big that he can leave a legacy on our town of Gulf Breeze.

So, the Gulf Breeze High Student Government Association set out to leave a legacy and they had to do it in short order.  They wanted the inspiration for the movement, Quentin Cooper, to be there.  There was only one date that would work around his chemotherapy treatment schedule.

Allie Turner, Gulf Breeze High SGA;  Well, it's been madness the past three weeks cause we looked it up and it said it would take, good planning, it would take six months of planning for a 5K and we've done it in three weeks.

They'd need a sponsor to cover the insurance requirements, cones for the course, food, beverages, runner packets and t-shirts, a website for registration.  Endless details and so little time.

Sara Papantonio, Gulf Breeze High SGA President;  Once you get started, people see what a difference you're making and they want to make a difference.  And then it just brings everyone up.  It brings the school up, the community. and now everyone is so tightknit.

Dylan Schwalier, Gulf Breeze High SGA;  Now that we have news crews coming out; we've got radio stations, everyone's thinking, Oh, these kids can do it.

Marie Landfair, SGA Sponsor;  These kids amaze me every single day.
They are responsible.  They are well spoken.  They care.  And they really go out and they do it all.

And this isn't the first amazing fete these students have pulled off.  Just over a week before, they surprised another student who has a seizure disorder with funds and an Angel Flight to get her to specialized medical care.  But, with so many needs, they know they have to have more funds to match their big hearts.

Jordan;  The future Quentin Cooper Liver Life Foundation, we've set up a fund where all of our future races all the profits will go to a student in a similar situation so we never have to turn anybody away.

 Allie;  It motivates us to know that we can do that for someone; that we can help them and provide that for them.

Sara;  You have to be the change you want to see.  That's my motto in life. 
If Quentin's first Legacy 5K is any indication of things to come, many lives will be touched.  The students rallied 800 runners and raised more than 20,000 dollars.  That's a lot of change.
Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.Angels in our Midst (Gulf Breeze High SGA)

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