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Angels in our Midst (Friends for Life)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
This Friday night, hundreds of people will join the Relay for Life at Pensacola State College in Milton.
The theme this year is "Super Heroes" and there's one team you definitely won't miss.
They're colorful, they're committed and powered up for a mission of Angels in our Midst.

Voice of Pat Holtman, Friend for Life;  Our group is called Friends for Life and we've actually been together for almost 18 years.
And our mission is to just keep fighting this battle.  That battle they're fighting is the war against cancer.  They've walked the Relay for Life 24 marathon every one of those 18 years.  The 12 Friends for Life have stayed together on their crusade, raising money for American Cancer Society,  because it's personal..

Pat;  My mother and my sister were both fighting this battle against cancer, in fact, they were both in two different hospitals at the same time during one point, and they've both lost their battles since they started down this road.

Melanie Mowery, Friends for Life;  I have many family members who have survived cancer so that's what keeps me going.

The friends are so passionate about the mission, they fund raise all year with events like yard sales.  They get to watch their money at work.

Melanie:  Research; some of this money goes towards providing wigs for patients who are in chemo; a portion of this, they have a ROCK camp for children with cancer where they go for a week; some of this goes to Road to Recovery where people volunteer to drive patients to chemo and radiation.

Over just the past five years, the friends for life have raised over $48,000.  They carry the title of the biggest fund raising group in Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties.  This is probably a good time to explain these outfits being worn by grown women.  The friends are also known for some of the most memorable themed attire.
Pat:  We will dress in any type garb that will help to bring a smile to anyone's face.
Those faces are part of the motivation...

Pat:  I see the faces on the survivors as they walk around the track and it just brings chills to me every year that I see them and it makes me feel good.  And I know that my mom and my sister, Donna, are both looking down and they're just really grateful that we're still doing this.

The other motivator is what those faces represent...
Melanie:  Hope.  There's always hope for a cure for every type of cancer that's out there.

Friends for Life.
Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.Angels in our Midst (Friends for Life)

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