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Angels In Our Midst (Elizebeth Bergamotto)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
ESCAMBIA COUNTY - Here with her husband, a Navy instructor pilot, she is half a world away from home.

In her native France, she was a music therapist who worked with injured adults and autistic children.

Since she's here for two years, she sought out the opportunity to welcome local children into her world, the world of an Angel in our Midst.

They are my little magic children.

In the Snozelen Room at the Westgate Center is where Elizabeth Bergamotto volunteers twice a week with her "Magic Children." her specialty in music therapy is one that very few school districts could afford.

Martha Smith, Physical Therapist; We needed her. We love having her here. We are so grateful.

She is in tune to each child. Each session that she does with each child is different. It's based on what they need that day, that moment.

Meeting the needs of a child with autism takes a special gift. It requires that sometimes unexplainable "something" . Elizabeth has unique way of putting her technique into words.

Elizabeth Bergamotto, Volunteer Music Therapist; They stay in their bubble; their planet and I have mine with my music. And I make a bridge with music and I invite them to come with me on my bridge and we communicate and we play.

She has a calming presence and a gentle spirit that the children seem to feel. Aryauni normally gets agitated very quickly but she eagerly works with Elizabeth.

Martha; She's kind, she's caring. She understands our children.
Every child we bring, she understands intuitively. She just brings herself totally to what we bring to her.

Elizabeth; It's my life.
Children who've never spoken have found their voices just through her touch. Elizabeth says her English is limited.

Elizabeth; It doesn't matter. I do not speak, I don't have to speak. I have to sing, I have to play music.

The eyes, the smile and all of that. We don't need to speak.
The staff has seen the transformation in the children but still find it hard to explain.

It is just something I can't describe really.
It's just ... a miracle.

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.Angels In Our Midst (Elizebeth Bergamotto)

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