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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels In Our Midst (Dr. Walter Hodge)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
Voice of Dr. Walter Hodge; "Oh, I've gone all over the world. And I always had a camera with me so I took pictures of plants."

Dr. Walter Hodge and his camera gained quite a reputation in the field of botany. He was sought after by academics and was even called upon to help his government.

Dr. Walter Hodge, Renowned Botonist; "The war came on and then they suddenly needed things that had been cut off by the Japanese."

Things like quinine, a medicinal plant used to fight Malaria among the troops.

Dr. Walter Hodge, Renowned Botonist; "And that meant that I went where quinine is found which is the roughest part of Peru, in the Oland jungle."

His exploits for the U.S. Office Of Economic Warfare and the Department Of Agriculture earned him the respect of his government and the Peruvian natives.

"Boy, as soon as they saw that I was after plants, they said, Oh, he's a medicine man. Immediately, anything I needed they'd come around."

When he moved to teaching at Harvard and doing research at Cornell University, Dr. Hodge continued to travel the world. Still with camera in hand, he found new things to capture.

"On the island of Dominica where I went, I did the flora, there were at least a hundred plants that had never been named or discovered. So, I had to name them."

"These are a new species of palms. Rhyticocos arama. So, I gave it that name."

The 96-year-old botanist and his camera are legendary. In books of knowledge worldwide, Dr. Walter Hodge's reputation is undisputed.

"So, I would supply them with the information guaranteed. If I wasn't right they could." Angels In Our Midst (Dr. Walter Hodge)

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