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Angels in our Midst (Dr. Mills)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
ESCAMBIA COUNTY  -  He grew up poor, so he learned to be a jack of all trades. Growing and building what he needed.
He became a pediatrician and then joined the Navy as a flight surgeon.
Now he's a volunteer using all of his gifts to make a difference.

Dr. Mills;  "Are you ready to do some stuff?  Let's go."
Dr. Dave Mills wrote the curriculum for this intern program at the Escambia County Extension Service.  His students are from the Westgate School for children with severe disabilities. 
Dr. Mills;  "So, what you're going to be doing today is you're going to be taking baby plants and putting them in pots.  Think you can do that?"
"Okie doak."
The "pediatrician" brings patience and understanding.  
Dr. Mills;  "And  then we put another one right here."
"Put the dirt."
"More dirt, o.k.  So you put some more dirt in there."
Through hands-on repetition, he'll help mark master the skill of potting plants...
"O.K., very, very good.  Now look what you've done."
 He'll teach him to care for the plants.  Dr. Mills' goal is marketable plants for sale and a marketable skill for his students.
Dr. Mills;  "We facilitate a gentle movement from the security of their school into the actual workforce."
Mark Hartley, Escambia County Extension Intern;  "It was wonderful."

Mark;  "He's a good teacher."
Dr. Mills, the flight surgeon, knows that you make good use of what you've got.  Jarissa loves to draw so he'll teach her landscape design.
"That's kind of big."
"I like it big like that."
"Well, o.k., you're drawing it."
And along the way, there are the fun things.
"Isn't that great.  I love that smell.  You want to try to draw this flower?  What's so funny?"

Dr. Mills;  "It is my feeling that if it's fun, they are going to stick with it and they are going to learn and they're going to retain that information much better.  So, their personal enjoyment is very important."
The Dr. Mills who is the jack of all trades, wanted to make sure that every child could enjoy the  beauty here.
Dr. Dave Mills, Escambia County Extension Volunteer;  "It could not accommodate children that had disabilities because there's such a large distance and there's not a walk.
They seem to sometimes be left out of some programs."
So, he designed and personally built a children's sensory garden.  No matter their disability, a child can wander here to touch, smell, taste and see the wonders.  That's Dr. Mills.
Jarissa;  "He's a wonderful guy." (Nods)
Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.
Angels in our Midst (Dr. Mills)

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