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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels in our Midst (Deputy Suzanne Martin)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
ESCAMBIA COUNTY - A utility company serviceman was concerned that an elderly mother, caring for her disabled son, was being taken advantage of.
He called the sheriff's office.
Luckily, the person who responded was not just an officer, but an Angel in our Midst.
Carolyn, 87 Year old Scam Victim;  "They really have tortured me.  I've cried night and day.  They called; I could hardly lay the phone down and they were calling again."

Scam artists demanding "more" money.  Escambia Sheriff's Deputy Suzanne Martin was dispatched to check on the lady we'll call, Carolyn.

Deputy Suzanne Martin;  "She had been told that she had received a car; that she had won a car for free, of course.  And that she would just have to send a couple hundred dollars here and there to get that car sent to her."

 Sure, one of the oldest tricks in the book but to Carolyn, it was an answered prayer.

 Deputy Suzanne Martin;  "Her only means of transportation had broken down so it was very important to her to try to get this vehicle.  So, she wasn't being able to pay bills to keep her power, water and heat on at that time."

The utilities cut off, other bills unpaid; the money from her small monthly check was drying up and it was taking toll.
Carolyn;  And bad, in a bad way.  SIGH.
Phone ringing.
The con artists only turned up the pressure; demanding she go to the bank for more money.

Carolyn;  "I said, Sir, I don't have any transportation.  Get a cab!  I mean, they were ugly, they weren't nice."  

Deputy Martin wrote her report.
Deputy Martin;  "That might have been my job at this department.  But, as another human ...
I knew that I had to do more if I was able to do it."

And she did.  
Deputy Martin;  "I contacted some friends of mine at the office, at the sheriff's office, and we were able to get together with some funds and get her bills paid, just to keep them on for her."

Carolyn;  "And here come policemen with food.  Each one, there were three of them; the lady and two guys, and each one of them had a bag of groceries."

To Carolyn, Deputy Martin was the angel who appeared in what had become her nightmare.

Carolyn;  "She was just the sweetest thing."
Deputy Martin;  "You know, from the beginning when you decide to be an officer, people starting asking you, why.  Why did you want to become an officer?  And I always said, to be able to help people."

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.      Angels in our Midst (Deputy Suzanne Martin)

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