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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels in our Midst (Day of Caring)

Updated: Monday, October 14 2013, 08:26 PM CDT
The slogan for United Way is, "Live United."  
This past Friday, those words were about more than a slogan, they were about the power of commitment and the strength in numbers.
That was the message that brought together an army of angels for one "Day of Caring."
It was an early morning muster with a full day's mission ahead of them.  Everywhere you looked, were eager faces ready to take on their assignments.  An army of more than 13-hundred was about to hit all corners of Escambia County.

The elderly and disabled residents would get some much needed attention to their homes and yards.  The volunteers would make their places more livable.

James Southworth, PSC Philosophy Club;   "To think that this, if this is someone's house that they are going to live in; that this is going to enrich their lives, and that it could have a genuine lasting impact; that's a powerful thing."

College students were learning life lessons in giving.  Businesses allowed employees time away from workplaces to do the work of angels.  Many left the comfort of air conditioning and familiar tasks to tackle some pretty difficult jobs.  These grocery store employees are removing invasive species from the shoreline.

Sydnie Lewis, Publix Employee;  "One of Publix's mission statements, and it's the bottom one, is be responsible citizens in our community.  We live by that.  We strive to be part of our community."

Zachary Schang, Florida DEP;  "It's absolutely imperative to everything we do to have the volunteer support.  We would be sitting in the water spinning our wheels if we didn't have the help." 

School yards and the boys and girls club got the addition of beautiful landscaping.  Non-profit agencies had helping hands for any number of unmet needs.  The Navy converged on manna food pantries doing cleaning and packing bags of food for the hungry in our community.

ENS Matt Little, USN, Day of Caring Volunteer;  "It's only a couple of hours out of our day but it really means a lot to the people here at Manna, and let's them do their job without having to get down and do all the dirty work all the time.  They're busy doing more important things."

DeDe Flounlacker, Manna Food Pantries CEO;  "We told them when they arrived that in the last 18 months, Manna has actually provided food to over five thousand military and veterans in our area."

ENS Cody Brown, USN, Day of Caring Volunteer;   "It was definitely very humbling to hear that.  It hits home hearing that there are veterans coming here to get food still.  And it makes you want to come back more and help out more.
Help out your own."

At the end of the day, from one end of the county to the other, 109 projects completed; countless lives impacted.  Just a showing of what we can do, when we work and live, united.

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.
      Angels in our Midst (Day of Caring)

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