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Updated: Monday, February 3 2014, 11:17 PM CST
She is a young lady with a disability.
But, Coco Atwood has found the perfect place to show what she "Can" do.
And what she does, is make a difference.
Coco Atwood is a student at Booker T. Washington High School but she spends most of her day next door at Holm Elementary in a class for deaf and hard of hearing students.

Carol Wheeler, OJT Coach;  I placed her here because Coco does a lot of her communicating through sign language and she's just fit right in this classroom.

Debra Simpkins, Holm Elementary Principal;  She came in and she had that smile, of course, that's infectious.  And when she came into the room her eyes lit up when she knew she would be working with the children, with deaf, hard of hearing.

Coco;  It's my special place. 
Coco says this is her special place.  You see, she relates well to these children.  Coco can hear but she can not speak except through sign language.  That was just one of her gifts that let her job training coach know that she would be a perfect fit to help in this class. 

Carol Wheeler, OJT Coach;  And that was her main thing; she wanted to work with children.  She's very responsible.  She's very kind.

Coco Atwood, Through enterpreter;  She likes helping.  She likes helping people.

And the children love getting help from Coco. 
Coco;  She signs.  She helps with their lunch; math.

This is more than a job training site for Coco.  She has found kindred spirits here, mutual respect and acceptance.

Principal;  It became a love.  And you saw her everyday.  It didn't matter what went on; whether the weather was bad or not, she was making her way over here.

Coco;  She's a hard worker.
There's an intangible lesson that Coco  shares with these children as well; that it is our abilities and not our limitations that define us.

Debra Simpkins, Holm Elementary Principal;  To see that someone has grown up in the same disability that they have, but able to function and able to assist someone else, I think that's really important for all children to see.

And Coco knows that.  It's another reason that being with her children at Holm makes her feel "happy and excited" about being here everyday.

Principal;  And I could see a great teacher's assistant  in her.  In fact, I would love to hire her when that day comes.

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by the Children's Hospital at Sacred Heart.ANGELS IN OUR MIDST: (Coco Atwood)

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