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Angels in Our Midst (Children's Author, Kalyn Hudson)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
GULF SHORES - She's a scholar athlete. She likes to write, she takes to the water like a fish and she broke the school record in golf.

In her spare time, this church volunteer found a way to get an important message across to children.

"Golf, swimming, hunting, fishing, water skiing, tubing.
I scuba dive. I got certified in Hawaii when I was 12."

It was one of her family vacation trips to Hawaii that launched then-14 year old Kalyn Hudson on her biggest adventure. She got an idea for a story.

"I've always loved to write."

"I got a piece of paper and I sat down and I just wrote it. And I'm like, why not take this and try to do more with it."

Doing more with it meant getting her story published. After three rejections, she did. Now, "Surfin' Sam Just Will not Listen" is in print and in the book stores.

"It's a boy who goes out and he wants to do his own thing; he doesn't want to listen to anybody. He doesn't want to do what anybody else tells him to do."

Surfin' Sam is a children's book geared to ages 4 to 8. Kalyn remembers those years.

"Kids deal with parents every day and you know, like, Oh, you shouldn't do this."
And here is the moral in the story of Surfin' Sam.

"He learns that the ones closest to you, the ones that love you, are sincerely there to try to help you."

"Better to learn that at a young age than make mistakes and learn it the hard way."
Kalyn has five sequels ready to go and the 16 year old senior at Gulf Shores High will work those in around her main priority right now.

"I've been really shooting to try to get a golf scholarship."
The detour to publish Surfin' Sam and share his lessons learned was worth it.

"It was just a dream I had and I decided to follow it."
Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

Kalyn has two book signings for Surfin' Sam; one of September 4th, from 1pm til 3pm at the Book Exchange in Foley.

The other will be September 11th, from 2pm til 4pm at Books-a-Million in Gulf Shores.
Angels in Our Midst (Children's Author, Kalyn Hudson)

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