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Angels in our Midst (Chaplain Ed Norris)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
Kathy Merlan, Captain Jack Harlow's Daughter;  Went in in World War II, got out, got his wings, here in Pensacola.  He also was in the Korean conflict and he did two tours of Viet Nam.

Just a few highlights of Captain Jack Harlow's distinguished 28 year military career.  That service drew a connection to Chaplain Ed Norris who would serve him during his stay at the Goldenberg Hospice Residence.

Ed Norris, Covenant Hospice Chaplain;  I was at First Marine Division in Viet Nam in October, '66 through November of '67.
You have that common bond.

There was also a bond with the country.  For different reasons, each man would feel a need to go back.
Ed;  I was in Da Nang so I wasn't out in the front lines, thank goodness.  And I just always wanted to go back; not for closure, just to go back.  It's a beautiful country.

For Captain Harlow, not the beauty but the tragedy that would call to him.  He lost many comrades there, including  a co-pilot on his last tour. 

Kathy;  We pulled into the driveway and he just broke down.  I've never seen my dad cry since; that was the one time.  And it was because he left friends, co-workers, people he loved over there.

Ed; The family had expressed desires that he wanted to return possibly.  I said, this will be the ideal time.  I'll be in Saigon.  He was on station there in the Saigon River.

Kathy;  He was an amazing man and he loved his country.  He did everything he could for it.
So, Chaplain Norris would take on one last mission with Captain Jack to honor his service to country and to comfort his family. 

Ed;  On February 11th, around 11 o'clock in the afternoon, I was able to return him back; so he's there.
Kathy;  He would say he was going to be recycled and go all over the world and visit everyone wherever he lost them.
Ed;  One of his wishes was fulfilled.  He returned and now his journey is still going on.
Kathy;  Things like that just take your breath away. The task that Pastor Norris took on, that's pretty heavy.

But, not too heavy one brother for another.
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Angels in our Midst (Chaplain Ed Norris)

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