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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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ANGELS IN OUR MIDST: (Brigadier General Michael Ferguson)

Updated: Monday, March 10 2014, 08:30 PM CDT
He's a 6th generation Pensacolian.
From the earliest days, his family members have served in the military.
He would carry on the tradition.
Tonight, we introduce you to Brigadier General Michael Ferguson, U. S. Army, Retired; sort of.

"He got into the infantry.  Then headed off to war.  Participated in some of the major battles like the Bulge, Hurtgen Forest, Aachen, killed at Cologne."

From a modest upbringing on Bobe Street, a clay road in Pensacola's East Hill, Michael Ferguson would get the chance to follow in his father's footsteps.  He learned of the Sons of Deceased Veterans Appointments to West Point.
"It turned out I was one of 13 accepted that year.  So, I went off to West Point and I've never regretted it."

It was the beginning of a storied life of service to his country.
"We lived in Germany for three years in a very interesting time; the Berlin Wall crisis period.

Off to Vietnam; again in interesting times, '67-'68.  I was in Hue during Tet."
He was a Company Commander by age 23.  He would rise to the rank of Brigadier General at age 44.

"Came home.  Kept kind of on pace for an Infantry career with battalions in Hawaii and two brigades I commanded in Korea on the DMZ.  And I came home, took another brigade at Ft. Polk, Louisiana."

The last ten years of his 26-year military career were spent in Washington D.C.
"That's one of the reasons I retired early because Washington is not what we would call the garden spot of infantry activity."

General Ferguson's services was noted in "Look" magazine and two books.  Far too many accomplishments to mention here.  And besides, he's not done yet.  Since retirement, he's been an NFL agent and became a partner in the law firm McDonald, Fleming, Moorhead and Ferguson.  Then, 12 years ago, he went back into service as the civilian aide to the Secretary of the Army; now the senior bridge between the soldiers , local governments, businesses and the community.

"To make sure we're doing the right things for those soldiers and the soldiers are doing the right thing for the community."

He also calls on the community to stand in the gap for the soldiers' families.
"Like the Special Forces and Rangers we have in this area; most of those young men and woman have had eight or nine tours into harm's way; Iraq, Afghanistan and other places."

He is the *Soldiers' general,  always looking out for his troops.  While a gentle and soft-spoken man, let there be no mistake, he's a man with a mission and a motivator.

"To say, Look, this didn't get built by laggards.  This did not pop up over night that we have a great nation.  You've got to keep it going.  So, I think that sustains me for the long run."

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by the Children's Hospital at Sacred Heart.

To read complete biography of Brigadier General Michael Ferguson, U. S. Army, Retired, click hereANGELS IN OUR MIDST: (Brigadier General Michael Ferguson)

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