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Angels in our Midst (Branford Sanford)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
When a Baker man was told he didn't have many more days, he decided to put more life into the days he had.
He's putting together a gift to leave behind with the help of the Angels in our Midst.    
Legally blind since childhood, Branford Sandford has been singing for 70 or his 73 years.  Music is a big part of his life.

You told her lies and alibis and hurt her more each day.
Mr. Sanford;  "My ambition from the time I was nine years old was to go to Nashville, Tennessee on the Grand Ole Opry."

He met the love of his life, they married and had two girls.  Mr. Sanford decided he didn't want to test the temptations of life on the road.  He put aside all thoughts of Nashville.

Today's the day you start to pay.  I'm sorry for you my friend.
Marie Sanford, Branford's wife of 51 years;  "He decided to stay at home and play different places that made him. He didn't make that much money, he just enjoyed it.  And he would go places and volunteer, you know, and sing for people because he loved it."

On the wings of a Snow White Dove, He sends his pure, sweet love.
In fact, most of his travels took him in the opposite direction back to his roots.

Mr. Sanford;  "I enjoyed being in church and singing better than I did when I went into a nightclub.  'Cause I knew they'd remember me from church."

That reconnection especially helped when he got the news.
Mr. Sanford;  "Doctors can't do anything for me to help me.  It's my heart and diabetes."

Now a Hospice patient, Mr. Sanford wanted to record his music, his legacy for his family.  His Hospice care team sought out Donnie Brown of Strait Shooter Studio.

Donnie Brown, Strait Shooter Studio Owner;  "He's an Assembly of God boy and so am I and so we had a lot in common."

Another bond; Donnie's father was once a Hospice patient, his mother is in their care now.

Donnie;  "Situations like this can reconnect you sometimes, spiritually.  And with others who are going through the same tunnel that you're going through or the valley, so to speak."

Donnie;  "He's helped me."
And Donnie is helping Branford Sanford fulfill a dying wish; a recording for his family and friends.   

Marie;   "That way, they would always have something of him that he loved to do."
Mr. Sanford;  "I will be ready when He wants to take me but in the meantime, I'm not going to rush it up, O.K."

So help me Jesus, my soul's in your hand. 
Angels in our Midst is Brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.
Angels in our Midst (Branford Sanford)

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