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Angels In Our Midst (Bill Clover)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
Bill Clover, Art instructor; "I started out as a business major and did so poorly. I found art, I found ceramics. I just got it. I mean, it was something I just loved the moment I tried it."

That love became a passion that Bill Clover has spent the last 43 years, passing on. Even if you've never touched a piece of clay before in your life, he's got you when he gets you behind the wheel.

Ramona Snowden, Clover hooked her on ceramics; "I'd never done it before and I just took it as an elective. And he's just so enthusiastic about everything that you just, like, you know, it makes you really excited if you get something right and you really want to do well."

This is Ramona's "third" class. Two years ago, that captivating personality lured Bill's students and about 100 novices to help him throw bowls as a fund-raiser for Manna Food Pantries, a charity he already supported.

Bill Clover, Sharing His Love of Art; "I'd take down, you know, some things for babies; baby food and formula and stuff like that. The children are near and dear to me and I want to make sure that they got some stuff."

If things worked out, a lot more children and adults would be fed with Bill Clover's help. His students and other Manna supporters would throw bowls. And then those bowls would be purchased and used at a soup tasting event.

Tim Evans, Manna Food Pantries Director; "Clover makes sure that it is done, in long hours and a lot of work and a lot of mud flying in the air. He has committed that this will be a partnership."

When the mud was done flying, bowls had been thrown, trimmed, glazed and fired more than 500 bowls. And they sold.

Bill; "There but by the grace of God go I. If I had a need, I would hope that somebody would help me. And make bowls is something I can do. And so that felt very good being able to do that for them."

That's why he did the project again. This year he presented Manna with more than 600 bowls to fill. Bill Clover's showing his proteges more than his craft.

Ramona; "It's such a good example to everybody else, you know, somebody to look up to."

Bill figures he's got a few more examples to set.

Bill; "And I'll just keep doing it until they carry me out."

Angels In Our Midst (Bill Clover)

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