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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels in our Midst (Big Brother John Shaffer)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
ESCAMBIA COUNTY  -  Sometimes children in single parent households need someone to fill a void in their lives.
The Big Brothers, Big Sisters Organization tries to match them with just the right person.
Matches made in heaven with the Angels in our Midst.

We landed and started walking around.
John; "Jacob's father died when he was young.  So, he doesn't have that father figure."

Jacob;  "It was like a big blank spot."
Four years ago, John Shaffer stepped in to fill that big blank spot for a troubled little boy.

Jacob;  "Everybody was somewhat picking on me in school."
The first thing that happened was the teasing stopped.
Jacob;  "He came and everybody was like looking up to him.  It was like, "whoa."'

John;  "You come in; I feel so important.  You can see they just want the attention."

Now John and Jacob's attention could turn to other important things; getting back on track with school work.

"Oh, you know what?  That "E" is making it seem funny.  Don't say anything about that "E".  Just do "D-R-I-D."' 
"What is it?"

John's weekly visits soon had Jacob coming out of the shadows and making some pretty big strides.

"By the way, I finished three pages last night."
"Three pages, of your homework?"
"Um huh.  And it was all times."

Jacob;  "In the last, possibly four years that he's helped me, it's really done a lot.
Last year he helped me get three "B ."'

John;  "Nowadays, it's easy to talk to him.  Just bring up any conversation, any piece, and he'll run with it."

"They sold the baseball team."
"Wow, I hadn't heard that."
"Yeah, it was on the news last week."

Their relationship has ventured outside of the classroom to movies, sports and cultural events.

John;  "It's a natural.  He fits right into my family.  I've got a boy younger and a boy older and they get along like brothers."

"It's a good thing my mom likes to watch Channel 3 News cause I can find a lot of stuff out from that."

John wants for Jacob, the same things he wants for his sons.   He hopes his hour or so a week is an investment that will pay big dividends.

John;  "I hope he grows up, and I know he will, to be a man, a strong man that's a benefit to this community.
He's proud of himself.  I'd feel like a million bucks if I knew that."

Jacob;  "I think it's a really good feeling inside for all of us."

Angels in our Midst is Brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.     
Angels in our Midst (Big Brother John Shaffer)

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