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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels in our Midst (Belmont Youth Band)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
PENSACOLA  -  Back in the day, the Belmont-Devilliers section of Downtown Pensacola was an entertainment mecca for local and national artists.
One woman who performed with some of the greats, has committed her life to bringing the music back to the Belmont.
Jacob & Vivian sing;  "I'm going up; going up.  Going down, going down.  Going anyway you want it, let it roll."

Vivian Lamont has been singing since she was a child.  Music opened many doors for her and now she's opening those doors for a new generation through the Belmont youth band.

Vivian Lamont;  Founder, Belmont Youth Band;  "Offering for any kids from age seven through high school; free instruments, free lessons and snacks on Saturdays."
"It's all free."
It's all free because Vivian and longtime friend Rudy Pendleton hit the pavement raising money to buy instruments and recruiting volunteer instructors.

Kiplin Smith, 9 year old violinist;  "My mom had heard about this and she wanted me to start playing an instrument."

So, I picked the violin.
Jacob Eddins, 14-year-old musician;  "Oh, it's great because it gives people that normally, under some circumstances, wouldn't have the chance to have an instrument and to learn how to play music."

In 2003, the Belmont Youth Band started with 14 children, now, there are 62 members learning to play horns, violins, cellos, guitars, piano, and percussion, and to sing.

Well, I heard there was a secret chord David played that it please the Lord.
Music is alive and thriving at the Belmont.  Vivian instills confidence by having the children perform before audiences all over town.

And how blue, how blue, can you get?  Me, blue?  Baby, blue?  Let's go neighbor.

Vivian;  Children that are involved in school activities, their basketball, football or whatever, I do not interfere with that.  They do their school programs and they come back.

Jacob;  "It gives kids an outlet, creative outlet.  It's a cycle.  If you teach kids music, then there's music for generations."

Vivian has done her part and passed the music on to her own children. Still she takes on the challenge of finding funds to keep the music flowing at the Belmont.
 Vivian;  'But, I love it.  Anytime I can do something to help someone, that's me.  I love children.  I want to see them progress.  I want to see them happy.  And I want them doing something constructive.'
Jacob & Vivian;  'Baby what you want me to do.'
Vivian singing;  'Going in.  I'm going out. Going out.  I'm going in, out, out, in, anyway you want me; let it roll.'

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.      Angels in our Midst (Belmont Youth Band)

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