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Angels In Our Midst (Austin Conner)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
When I first started playing the sax, I was in third grade.

While by most accounts, he possesses the talent of someone twice his age, Austin Paul Conner is only 14 years old.

"I always try to find something that I'm not good at to work on my skills."

As well as playing with the Washington High School Band, Austin Paul is religious about practicing at home too.

"I get on the internet and listen to different saxophone players to build my understanding of music, then also music terminology. And then also I play piano too."

That's right, he plays piano too. Needless to say, this accomplished musician is in high demand and he's more than willing to answer the call to perform.

"Just giving back to the community for people who don't have, who are economically challenged, who are just down on their luck."

"I think that God actually gave me a gift and He actually gave me a gift so I can give it back to Him."

Even after all the national attention with his win at the Apollo Threatre, he's still just Austin Paul: A member of ROTC and the Health Academy hanging with friends, playing sports. I wondered who keeps him grounded.

"Personally, I think my dad but my mom would have a different response."

As accomplished as he is, you might see a musical career in his future.

"I want to be a cardiologist."

And how does his music square with medicine?

"When I play my sax, it's like I'm giving medicine to the soul."

He also has a dose of advice for his peers.

"Keep on chasing that dream or whatever your passion is. Because it's too many people in our like my generation that give up and everything and it's just sad to see that."

Sounds from an old soul.Angels In Our Midst (Austin Conner)

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