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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angels In Our Midst (Asher Chimel)

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
Meet seven-year-old Asher Chimel. Asher has just been selected as Florida's 2009 poster child for the Children's Miracle Network.


Asher was born with a rare brain malformation that affects his ability to speak and walk and he is prone to constant epileptic seizures.

Theresa Chimel, Asher's Mom; When he has a seizure, he stops breathing. He goes into respiratory distress and he requires a lot of medical intervention to help bring him out of that seizure.

Asher gets that lifesaving intervention at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital. Because of the Children's Miracle Network, the best physicians, the latest state of the art technology and equipment are readily available when Asher and children like him come for care.

Courtney O'Brien-Pate, Children's Miracle Network Coordinator; He has been through so much, so many ups and downs, It's just so positive how things have turned out. He's just a great representative for Children's Miracle Network as well as Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

It seemed more than fitting that his first official appearance would be at Wal-Mart where Children's Miracle Network receives tremendous financial support. There is the corporate contribution but the employees raise a lot of money themselves.

Bob Hart, WalMart District Manager; I have many associates that they themselves have had their children up there. They've experienced the care that they've received at that hospital. It is the easiest thing that we ever raise money for.

The associates simply ask customers to purchase a paper balloon that they can sign for a one dollar donation. Asher's mission is to hopefully encourage more gifts.

Mom; "It really helps to put a face to the balloon."

Mom will add the words as best she can.

Mike Wiggins, Pensacola Mayor; "It's a message of hope, it's a message of caring, it's a message of asking for others to help. Not only to help Asher, but to help other children."

Mom; "To watch my son and be completely helpless and be completely dependent on the people that were taking care of him and the technology that they had available to them so that they could keep him alive."

"Knowing that that was a direct result of the generosity of my community it's just, it's overwhelming."

Next stop, Disney World to meet the poster children from 49 other states, and later, mom and Asher will take their message to lawmakers in Washington D.C. Heartfelt words that only a mother could share, and a smile that only Asher can give.Angels In Our Midst (Asher Chimel)

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