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Angels in our Midst (Allan Toepfer)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
Many seniors want to live independently in their own homes for as long as they can.
A lot of them can when they get the help of the Council on Aging and the Angels in our Midst.

Allan Toepfer, Ruth's son; she's a Godsend.  she is, she walks through the door and she's got a smile on her face.

For the Toepfer family, Thelma Bolar was an angel who walked into their lives a year ago.  The former hospital lab employee was bored with retirement.

Thelma;  You know, I thought, I've got so much love to give, why can't I go out and share it with someone because that's what the Lord wants us to do.

Thelma had the perfect heart and disposition for 97 year old Ruth Toepfer.  A musically talented, spry, stylish and perfect coifed lady who is determined to live on her own.  That put pressure on her family who knew she needed help.

Allan Toepfer, Ruth's Son;  My wife and I, seven days a week, for a long period of time, driving over here, making sure she had her medicine, cooking her meals, doing her grocery shopping, running her to the doctor, taking her to the hair shop, taking her to the Golden Agers.

They went to the council on aging who matched thelma to be miss ruth's companion.  They hit it off from the start.

I told her something one day and she said, how did you know my family?  That's my family you're talking about and it was mine. 
That's so true; how much we have in common.
Thelma makes sure she's eating well and taking her medicine on time.  She takes Miss Ruth to doctor's appointments and her church meeting of the golden agers where she loves the music.  And anywhere she wants to go.

Allan;  That's the one commitment that mom will not give in on; she will get that hair done every Thursday.  So, Thelma makes sure that she gets up there and gets back.
Mrs. Toepfer;  We try to dance.
We're like sisters.
That's what they say at the beauty shop when we go get our hair done.

And that gives the family one big thing.
Allan;  Total relief.  Honestly, total relief. 
There's nothing that I wouldn't trust Thelma to do for us.  She's family.  She is absolutely family.

Thelma;  And when I leave here, I feel so fulfilled and so rewarded. 
We only go this way one time.  Why not reach out and help somebody.

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.Angels in our Midst (Allan Toepfer)

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