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Angel in our Midst (St Joseph's Medical Center)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
11 years ago this month, a small group of humble servants started a mission in a tiny building on the grounds of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Pensacola.
We went to visit them again to find that they're in a larger building and have even more hands doing the work of the Angels in our Midst.

The exam rooms are full and the waiting room is packed at the St. Joseph Medical Clinic it always is.  So far this year, this staff has  attended to more than 6,000 patient visits.  The "all volunteer" staff.  Billy Brown is a retired educator.

Billy Brown, St. Joseph Clinic Administrator;  "They call the administrator.
I do just about everything you can think of.  Just according to what day you catch me and what hat I've got on that particular day."

Dr. David Conkle, a retired cardiovascular surgeon is one of the founders of the clinic.  Today, he's joined by a team of one dozen doctors, two dozen nurses and a host of administrative volunteers.

Dr. Conkle,  "I don't think there's a volunteer here that isn't trying to help these people the way they would want to be helped."

Billy Brown, St. Joseph Clinic Administrator;  "We serve people from all sorts of backgrounds.  We have patients that are professionals, who were professionals who have lost their jobs when the economy hit bottom.  They've lost their insurance, the income.  And these are the type of people that we help."

William Gill, St. Joseph Clinic Patient;  "I've been out of work since October, no insurance.  I'm a diabetic; insulin dependent.
My insulin costs 150 dollars by itself and test strips, I think, a hundred dollars."

And the pleas for help are heard over
Elaine Bitzer, St. Joseph Clinic Patient;  "I didn't have no medication and stuff because I ran out and couldn't.  Didn't have no insurance and couldn't afford it so I came here to get my medicine that I needed for my asthma."

And over again.
Rita Greene, St. Joseph Clinic Patient;  "I used to have insurance when I worked at Westinghouse and when I lost my job out there, I had other jobs but they didn't have insurance."

 For as busy and as hectic as it is, the clinic runs like a well oiled machine.  Volunteers in tune with each other; in sync.

Mary Bond, Volunteer since clinic opened;  "So many of them are great friends.  So, it's a very positive, loving atmosphere."

While the process is assembly line, the care is anything but; it is provided with care and dignity; it's personal.

Rita;  "It's nice to see somebody want to help someone else because nowadays there's not a lot of that in the world."

Elaine;  "Got my asthma under control for me.  It's awesome; I love this place.  It's been great for me."

William;  "They actually care about you here.  They're about to set me up with my diabetes medicine so I don't have to worry about losing my foot."

Billy Brown;  "They are so appreciative of the care that we give them. Without our care, these people would probably have nowhere to go.  This is really what brings us back down here every day."

And what does Dr. Conkle leave here with every day?
"Feeling good.  Feeling good."
Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

Angel in our Midst (St Joseph's Medical Center)

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