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Angel in our Midst (Linda English)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
Imagine if our communities were more like they used to be.
Neighbors looked out for each other; we visited the sick; we fed the hungry.
Five years ago, a Pensacola woman and her husband set out to "reimagine" a better place and to make it happen.

Linda;  "We can reimagine anywhere."

Linda English and her husband, Greg, are reimaging one community at a time.

Linda English, Reimagine Co-founder;  "We'd like to see a community reimagined.  We'd like to see a community with no more poverty, with no more hurting.  We'd like to see a community that is in unity with one another."

After 33 years with the Escambia School District, Linda gave up her career to answer a calling.  She and Greg have spent many years going on mission trips to Peru.  One night they decided that if they could reimagine Peru, they could do the same right here at home.

Linda;  "We hope to address the needs of the poor by providing groceries, giving out clothing; by having a day of fun, manicures, haircuts, free. It's just a day to bring hope."

They select a community and go door to door rallying the churches, businesses and organizations to come together for a day.  A day to put aside competition, any ill feelings, any past baggage.

Linda;  "All of that fall down because we basically are serving and being the hands and feet of Jesus."

The hope is that breaking down barriers and walls for a day, will lead to another day, and another, and another ...

Linda;  "The businesses and the organizations, the community organizations and the churches ... they go back to the community and they are the ones that continue with that relationship."

And then the families can reach out and reimagine, remember the way communities used to be.

Let's say there's a death in the family.  You should be willing to go over and sit with that family, to pray with that family, to bring food to that family when relatives from out of town come over.  You know, we've lost some of our core values if you will.

Linda;  "When children see adults come together, no matter their race, color or creed, and they come together and want to serve a community,.. something has to be imparted into them."

Linda is passionate about her mission.  If it continues like it's going; think of the difference we could see; just "reimagine."

Linda;  "When we go to an event like this, it's just about serving the poor, it's about serving one another."

Just showing love.  That's what it's all about, to just show love to one another.
Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

Angel in our Midst (Linda English)

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