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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angel in our Midst (Health & Hope Clinic Director)

Updated: Tuesday, August 27 2013, 11:18 AM CDT
Tonight we want to take you to a place where a team of professionals forego any pay to provide health and hope.
They are on a mission of Angels in our Midst.
 VOICE OF Jessica Simpson, Health & Hope Clinic Director;  They had some bandaids and some doctors and all they needed were patients.  And that's how we started as a medical home for our community.

That was ten years ago when the Pensacola Bay Baptist Association opened the Health and Hope Clinic on Chemstrand Road in Pensacola.  As for the patients, well, there was no shortage; about 70,000 Escambia County residents qualify for their services.
Jessica Simpson, Health & Hope Clinic Director;  Our patients are 200 percent of the federal poverty line.  They don't have medicaid or medicare and they don't have their own private health insurance.  So, they sort of fall into that gap of having nowhere else to go but the emergency departments here.

The care patients receive here is free of charge.  It is quality care provided by a large team of volunteers, including 32 physicians and physicians' assistants.

Jessica;  The people that answer the phones, run the pharmacy, do the labs, see the patients, grab meds and certainly offer medical services; they're all volunteers.  There are about 200 of them and we wouldn't be in operation if we didn't have them.

Their focus is primary care but the clinic has been blessed with a number of specialists who are giving of their time and talents.

Jessica;  We have neurology, rheumatology, chiropractic care.  We have a general surgeon that comes in once a month.  We also have an orthopedic PA.

We have women's, full women's health services.
Betty Traweek  landed at this desk quite by chance when the doors first opened a decade ago.

 Betty Traweek, Health & Hope Clinic Volunteer;  My daughter is a pharmacist and was not working and I told her about it and she said she would come.  So, when she came she brought me with her and I came as an encourager.

She spends her days making contacts and finding the medicines the patients need.  She needs a bargain price.

Betty;  When we order from these drug companies, they send the medication here to us free of charge.  And then we call the patient and tell them their medication has come in and they come and pick it up.

Aimee Hodges, Patient;  They've helped me so much with my medication.  And set me up with a doctor, Dr. Cortz for my eye surgery.  It's just been such a blessing to me.

They've expanded their services with a clinic in Century and will soon open two more sites; one on the campus of Olive Baptist Church and another near the downtown area.   Each  providing health and hope with respect and compassion.
Angel in our Midst (Health & Hope Clinic Director)

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