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Angels In Our Midst

Angels In Our Midst

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Angel in our Midst (Escambia County Emergency Dispatch Center)

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:43 PM CDT
ESCAMBIA COUNTY   --  They call it the miracle on "W" Street.
Here is their story of the stars lining up and a host of angels being in the right place at the right time.

This is Escambia County's Emergency Dispatch Center.  The dispatchers take calls from people in distress all across the county.  But, at 4 am on the morning of June 15th, the call for help came from right inside their own building.

Alane Burleson, Escambia Communications Supervisor;  I just felt like my console was moving away from me and I went to grab it.

Tim Slay, Escambia Emergency Dispatcher;  She was just laid back in the chair and I immediately knew something was wrong.  I called her name she didn't respond.

Tim Slay was checking out for a break with Supervisor Alane Burleson when he found her.   Melanie McGlothren heard something in his voice that said "trouble".

Melanie McGlothren, Escambia Emergency Dispatcher;  He was checking her radial pulse and I was checking her carotid and she didn't have anything.  And she wasn't breathing so we started CPR.

Alane was in cardiac arrest.  All of the dispatchers were manning their own stations but now three other positions needed to be covered... Quickly.

John Elswick, Escambia County Emergency Dispatcher;  It's not like a retail business where you can just lock the door, you know, and shut down.

Mark Caro, Emergency Communications Training Officer;  Everybody just did their job and everybody covered for everybody else,

While all the other emergencies in the county were being handled, a dispatch was also made for one of their own, and the stars aligned.  An EMS team had just returned from a run and their supervisor had just come one duty.

Kate Kenney, Paramedic Supervisor;  On the radio, dispatcher said, Unit 390, I need you 10-18 to the back door.  EMS 8, which is my call sign, I need you down here ASAP and I dropped everything and ran.

Down the road at Fire Station Three, the crew was recovering from a recent run.
Lt. Dan Brask, Escambia County Fire Rescue;  We were sleeping when we got the call.  And it's always surprising when you immediately recognize the address.

Tim; Right after they shocked her, Elaine came back around.  Which was just a huge relief.
Randy;  I mean, my wife, my children's mother, my grandkids' grandmother, I mean, they saved her.

Alane;  To still be here for them is wonderful.
Alane's doctor agrees it's a miracle that she is still here.

Alane;  He said, you had a five percent survival rate.  He said, And had you not been at work and all those people right there to help you, I wouldn't be talking to you now.

The crew's greatest pride in all of this is that in the midst of their own trauma, they never stopped doing what they live to do help others live.

Lt. Brask;  We are there on a daily basis to assist the citizens when they need us.
Melanie;  Actually, it didn't hit us til we got home cause we still had to do our job.  But we did it.

Kate;  We're just doing our job.  It's our job to go out there and help people and that's what we did that night.

Randy;  They're just tell you, We were just doing our job.  But, for somebody who is a family member of that person that they saved, they're heroes, they're angels.

Angels in out Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.
Angel in our Midst (Escambia County Emergency Dispatch Center)

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