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Lessons from Sandy

Updated: Tuesday, June 4 2013, 12:55 PM CDT
Hurricane Sandy was last year's major storm coming ashore just northeast of Atlantic City, New Jersey. The Category Three storm killed 285 people and caused at least 70 billion dollars in damage.

The Atlantic Coast is still cleaning up.
"It's like yesterday."
Time has passed but for this couple Sandy scars are still raw.

"Nobody could get answers."
Like many in this neighborhood, they prepared as best they could when they heard Hurricane Sandy was headed their way.

"Perfect example of pay attention."
But they couldn't have imagined the utter devastation.  The ruins they would still be picking from more than 6 mos. later.
"The red tape a thousand times over."
In New York alone, 41 people were killed.
27,000 homes damaged.
454 destroyed  and 2 million people were left without power.
In this neighborhood what started as a barbeque has grown to a large community relief center.
Volunteers come here everyday to supply residents with food, water, power and conversation.
"I don't have a stove, anything to eat."
"I've watched the tears, the anger, the tears again, the frustration and 6 mos later I'm still serving food. That alone should say something."
As some struggle, others celebrate, roads, buildings, schools are reopening every week.
At this school the storm sent 5 feet of water cascading in..
"We're back and everything's ok."

The name "Sandy" is being retired from the list of tropical storm names because of the catastrophic damage. The name "Sara" will take its place. Storm names are recycled every 6 years unless they're retired because of damage and casualties. Sandy is the 77th storm name taken off the list since 1954.

Lessons from Sandy

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