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Updated: Tuesday, June 4 2013, 12:56 PM CDT
Strong winds and storm surge could potentially do tremendous damage to any structure built close to Pensacola Bay. 

But the builders of Maritime Park have taken precautions to help it withstand any hurricane.The  park is designed to face 165 mile per hour winds.  Typical downtown buildings are made to face 150 mph winds.
But wind isn't the only threat in a hurricane. The storm surge is the most deadly.

"The building is on piles.  So if the water comes up onto the site and scours away the soil, the piles will still be there.  And the slabs are designed to span between the piles so the soil underneath the slabs can go away and the slabs will still be supported."

The park sits higher in elevation than the rest of downtown Pensacola. In theory it should be one of the last things to flood. On the inside, the "batter's eye" in center field is designed to collapse if the winds get strong enough.

Blue Wahoos preps

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