HEALTH WATCH: Weight Loss Surgery

Updated: Tuesday, March 17 2015, 01:01 PM CDT
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Obesity increases the risk for numerous health problems.
Surgery has become a widely used method of treatment because it can provide long-term maintained weight loss.

Tabitha Hunt is 18 months removed from her weight loss surgery.
She's had a flurry of health and life changes since her procedure.
Tabitha Hunt says she was always heavy but after high school,  she says her weight got out of control.
(("I just didn't feel comfortable with myself."))
At her heaviest -- Tabitha was 260 pounds.  Just too much for her tiny 5'2 frame.  Her feet and back hurt constantly.
She was given devastating health news.

(("I wanted to have babies and I was told that I couldn't.  I had polycystic ovarian syndrome."))
Tabitha says she was told her ovaries weren't functioning properly because she was obese.
(("As you get heavier as a female makes testosterone and estrogen, it messes up your testosterone-estrogen balance and you become an-ovulatry.  Where you don't have periods like you normally would."))
Learning she couldn't conceive without a drastic weight loss was the push Tabitha needed.  She started researching weight loss surgery options.

(("That was the end result.  Okay, I'm ready to do this.  I want to be able to do this, I want to be able to have the normal life."))
Tabitha met with Sacred Heart Hospital's Bariatric Surgeon Jeffrey Lord for a consult.  He required her to go through extensive nutritional and psychological counseling before her gastric bypass surgery -- one of the three surgical weight loss options Lord performs.
((They're gonna have to diet and exercise for life, they've gotta be compliant with their multi vitamins, calcium and B12."))
In the year and a half since her surgery -- Tabitha's lost 115 pounds.  And does not have the thyroid and anemia problems that had also plagued her.

Right before her surgery, she met her now husband, and he's been supportive of her new healthy lifestyle.

(("We all have to change as a family, so he took that into perspective for us, so I could do better."))
Lately -- Tabitha's put a little weight back on.  But for the best reason possible.  She's expecting a little girl this summer.  She's excited and proud.

(("That it finally paid off, something I did, I accomplished."))
(("It's why I'm in this specialty, is because it's so gratifying."))
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